Alteryx Core Fundamentals

Unlock and Automate Your Data With Ease

Get your time back with automated analytics. This beginner-friendly, knowledge-stacked series will introduce you to analytics on a code-free platform.

Join us and learn how to automate mundane data tasks and execute meaningful analytics in a fraction of the time.

Follow along with your free one-month trial* and learn how to:

  • Build your first workflow
  • Streamline time-intensive spreadsheet tasks
  • Connect and blend different data from multiple sources
  • Unleash code-free advanced analytics

In this free video series, our BI Consultant, Darrick Ong will walk you through:

  1. Introduction to Alteryx & Billigence 
  2. Alteryx Hands-on Walkthrough- Supply chain use case data sources
    - Part 1: Basic tools & reporting tools - data cleaning & basic report generation
    - Part 2: Advanced exercises on inventory & running total - data blending & finding orders affected by supply chain issue
  3. Q&A 

Manual processing is time consuming, prone to human-induced errors and requires far more energy than necessary. That's why we want to help you make the switch to easily automated analytics that do the hard work for you.

* The Alteryx Designer trial is only valid for one-month. If you have already downloaded and used you trial, please let us know before the webinar and we'll make arrangements. Please note the software is not supported on MacOS.

When: 25 May 2022, 1:00PM (SGT) / 3:00PM (AEST)

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If you are a new user this is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the possibilities of Alteryx. For a seasoned user this webinar series works as a fantastic refresher. These high impact and carefully structured webinars will help you improve your ability to automate, streamline & navigate the software.

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